13 Brand New Watches!

When we first set out on our journey, following 6 lengthy months of consideration, market research and a hint of gut instinct we finally nailed down our first range of watch designs.

On March 28th 2017 we launched our business online with 12 original designs, which we built up to a range of 24 watches using different interchangeable strap designs.

In June this year we'll unveil 13 exciting new watches that will replace our 2017 designs. This new range will include 8 redesigned Chronographs and 5 '333' Chris Gayle inspired watches.

We aim to increase the value to our customers with new and improved watch box designs, with every Hagley West watch ordered.

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Love Your Journey  

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  • 07 Apr 2020 Paul Beat

    hi guys
    i own 4 of your watches, i missed the live stream earlier on TicTocis there a new model release and where can i see it before i buy because at the minute No. 5 is comming from the diver collection. please let me know asap so i can get my order in
    thank you peeps
    kind regards

  • 07 Apr 2020 Colin

    Where is the watch made i csnt see that from any info on the site

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