Hagley West takes Australia by storm!

For the month of May, Tim and our team embarked on an exciting trip to try and break into the Australian market. Since Tim founded Hagley West, only 612 watches had been sold in Australia - he wanted to change this! After spending 28 days in Australia, over 1,800 watches have been sold, this equates to 57% of our global turnover. 


The tour was an incredible experience, spanning 4 weeks, 4 cities, and 4 exciting Find Tim Challenges. The team engaged in video creation, editing, and numerous meet and greets along the way. While we anticipated growth, we never expected the overwhelming success that was achieved. 


The first stop was Sydney. After filming a podcast with the successful Katrina Kavvalos, it was time to prepare for the first big city Find Tim Challenge of the trip. Sydney set the bar high with a total of 223 people finding Tim! This included Parker, who made history by being the first person ever to find Tim on two different continents. Sales started to increase, putting Australia as the #1 country in the world and by the end of the first week, Australia was making up 60% of global sales. 


Next up was Brisbane and the Gold Coast. 563 people came out and found Tim throughout the week and at the Find Tim Challenge, putting the total to 786 people in the first 2 weeks! From there, they traveled to Melbourne where 398 people found Tim. Momentum continued to build, putting us on track to meet our target and while this was happening, Hagley West hit some other incredible milestones. One of these being 50,000 watches sold since the start inception of Hagley West, a day that Tim has dreamed about for a long time.


The final week was spent in Perth and it was nothing short of amazing, with 864 people participating in the Find Tim Challenge, bringing the total to 2,048. This was the biggest ever Find Tim Challenge, putting them at the top of the all-time leaderboard. 


Such a great time was had on this trip, thank you so much to everyone who made the effort to come out and see Tim, and to everyone for their support of Hagley West, it means everything! Tim connected with so many amazing people and couldn’t believe the turnout from all four cities. Until next time Australia! 


Be sure to check out all the behind-the-scenes exclusives of the whole trip over on our YouTube channel now. 

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