Animal Friendly Fashion

As well as delivering stylish watches at an affordable price, we are also passionate about playing out part in protecting animals, by delivering cruelty free watches.

This week Hagley West, put a major stake in the ground and separated ourselves from the rest of the watch industry. In a competitive market where genuine leather straps (usually made from Cowhide) are very popular, we'll be pushing towards Vegan and Rubber strap alternatives.

We'll make it our aim as part of our animal free and cruelty free stance not to test on animals and not to use materials derived from animals. In addition we will only use materials from companies that are not involved in, or commission, the use of animal based materials.  

Alongside our pledge to always be cruelty-free, we also promise to be vegan-friendly. Being vegan-friendly means that none of our products contain any animal, or animal-derived, materials.

We currently have leather straps available on our website. They will be removed and be made unavailable for purchase very soon.  


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