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What started as a conversation in 2016 led to a plan to start our own watch brand. From the start our aim was to break down the expensive barriers to stylish minimalist watches.

We soon developed a successful direct to consumer eCommerce model by cutting out expensive sales agents and unnecessary retail costs. Delivering stylish watches without the premium price tag.

In marketing Hagley West we wanted to be unique by making our process and journey totally transparent, engaging with our customers across multiple social media platforms and documenting our activity along the way.

Traction and achievements

- Sales to every continent (38 different country’s)
- 40+ Social media influencers
- Chris Gayle brought on as Co-owner
- Over 33,000 followers on Facebook
- Over 15,400 followers on Instagram
- Over 1,500 subscribers on YouTube
- Over 7,000 email database
- Turnover this year increased by 250% on last year without advertising budget
- Social Media influencers from the world of Cricket and Fitness
- Self-sustaining business before end of second full year

What problem are we solving ? What makes us different?

- Designer brand watches are overpriced because of various sales agents and marketing costs. We cut out all sales agents and retail store mark ups, by going direct to the consumer.

- Customer expectation on durable and reliable materials meant that we spent over a year finding the right suppliers, materials and manufacturers to ensure optimum quality

- A lot of competition in the marketplace from companies set up during the era of large organic reach on social media.

- We’ve formed a longer term brand development strategy developing the personality of Hagley West.

- Developing the brand with the “Love Your Journey” and “HWjourney” series will develop our content and offer unique insight into our business. We aren’t aware of any other company doing this in such a transparent way.

-Chris Gayle to use his influence in the Asian market with PR and Global reach to hit a market of 2.5 billion cricket fans across the globe

Market opportunity

- 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) watches sold worldwide per annum
- 80% of all watches are Quartz movement (battery)
- Market Data predicts 70% of all Quartz watches will be sold on-line by 2022
- Implement competitive advertising and marketing budget taking advantage of low cost social media CPM.

Equity sale target

- Raise target between £150,000 and £500,000
- Pre-money valuation £3,000,000

Here’s what we’ll use your investment for

20% - Stock/Working Capital
10% - Administration and Professional costs
70% - Marketing, split as follows
50% Advertising – to be scaled over time
20% Content production – Video/Images
10% PR
20% eCommerce/SEO/WebSite enhancement

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Investments of this nature carry risks to your capital so please invest aware. This financial promotion is approved by Crowdcube Capital Ltd (FCA no. 650205)


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  • 21 Oct 2019 Joel Mario Rivera

    This watch so so elegant so precise. Love your journey!

  • 21 Oct 2019 Elvis Flamson

    Who built your watches?? Which watch factory??

  • 21 Oct 2019 Diane

    Could you please tell me where hagley watches are made?

  • 21 Oct 2019 Cheryl

    I love your journey and your energy and bringing people together after Covid! 100%. I am wondering, where are you manufacturing Hagley West watches? What cities/countries? Thank you for your time. I wish you nothing but the best!

  • 21 Oct 2019 Jewels

    Just reviewing your watches

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