Hagley West in the press!

Over the last few months, Hagley West's global success has been growing and growing, which has largely been down to our success in America!

And as a result of this success, the press has picked up on our story, and we have had so many great articles written about us (which you can read below).

Let's keep growing a global brand from a kitchen! Love Your Journey ❤️

Startup Observer

Fab UK

Business Matters

Retail Jeweller

Sunday Woman


Fox 40

SNN News

Fox 28

Fox 43

News Net

Financial Capital 1

Financial Capital 2

Malaysia Corner

East Midland Business Link

Northampton Chronicle

Journalist Report

The Daily Dispatcher

Next New Tech

Buzz Reporter

The Witness

Biz Daily Online

World Insiders

The Upstocker

The Morning Herald

In The Headline

Digital Press Network

Three Sixty Press


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