Tim v 67 Watches I Leg 2

This week, Tim sees himself travelling North, visiting North Wales, Wigan, Middlesborough and Yorkshire covering a total of 688 miles. Last week's travels saw Tim inundated with gifts from his customers, particularly Maltesers and BrewDog Punk IPA. However, yesterday was treated to a Parmo, a Middlesborough speciality! The experience so far has been thoroughly enjoyable for Tim and he has loved connecting with customers and showing his gratitude for their support of the business. 

Today is the end of Leg 2 of Tim v 67 Watches, however on Friday the longest journey so far will be encountered, travelling up to Inverness and the Isle of Skye. Hopefully, the whiskey doesn't hit too hard!

Each location being delivered to is different allowing the brand to create new, entertaining content on our social media channels, particularly on TikTok, Instagram (Hayden.tim) and YouTube (Hagley West). Be sure to follow and subscribe to see how the journey continues and what Tim's future travels will entail.




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