Steven Crompton | Running saved my life

After a traumatic and violent childhood, Steven Crompton would find himself drinking and taking drugs from the age of 11. This soon spiralled out of control, pushing the boundaries with heavier narcotics, and stealing to fuel his addiction. 

In an attempt to get back onto the straight and narrow, he enlisted in the army. The initial structure and discipline he would follow, helped him keep away from everything he didn't want to be. 

One day he would end up in a bookies, putting £3 into a slot machine and winning £120. He was hooked. Addiction had him strapped once more, this time he would suffer a gambling addiction over the course of an 8 year period, losing around £100,000 is personal finances, impacting every area of his life.

Steven continued to drink to mask the pain, of losing money and his self confidence. At times there wasn't enough money to feed himself, losing his weekly wage in a single evening.

One day he decided to change his life, and received therapy, which would lead to him taking up running. When he first ran it gave him everything, he immediately found what he loved.

After spending three months in Uganda volunteering, and seeing the condition of the drug stricken homeless children, living rough on the streets, Steven reflected on his own childhood, and knew he had to do something.

68 marathons in 55 days, Steven is now raising money for the kids of Uganda, through his charity, Challenge Child Poverty. So far he has helped 100's of starving Ugandan children gain access to food and education.

His purpose in life is to help One Million kids out of child poverty. 



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